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Follow Reggae Hour Here

Follow Reggae Hour Here
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Mun Ruiz Live Interview

Mun Ruiz on  B.O.S.S. Radio Tune in below to be introduced to Laredo's very own Mun Ruiz. As we talk the streets of South Texas, Music, and Family, we unravel this artists many layers to get to the core of one of South Texas' greatest artist. so what are you waiting for press play...

Wyze MTZ Live interview

Southside Bosses Presents Wyze MTZ  Live Interview And Fake "Friends"  You really are going to want to tue in to see why he's making a major buzz. Again the conference call number will be made available as soon as the interview is over, so that anyone that wants to call in they can. Also, you will be able to leave comments and questions on the comment section and I will be sure to ask Wyze these questions.  And Make sure you follow B.O.S.S. Radio for all the underground hits from Rnb  to Rap.