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Consensual Rape?

Consensual Rape? Is there a such thing... Recently North Carolina passed a bill to broaden the definition of rape to include No even after consent is given.  NC Bill Here Some sees this as a victory for rape victims, some see this as an act to set men up. How do you feel about Consensual rape? Join us this Sunday as we discuss this topic call in 6417153580 code 475552 (does not support Metro PCS).

Why Do Opposites Attract?

Why Do Opposites Attract? So you wonder if you have a certain type, right? Take a look at all your Exes. Bet you that every last one of them were your complete opposite at the time you were dating them. It happens to us all. For some reason, We all have an uncanny attraction to the the contrast in our lives. Maybe its the adventure that intrigues us and compels us to chase down these dark alley of relationships. Join Mr. E Boss of the Southside Bosses and G Baby CEO of Live Fast Die Rich as we talk about WHY OPPOSITES ATTRACT.