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(New Release) Mr. Flava Gal Love Mi Bad

Mr. Flava Gal Love   Mi Bad Mr. Flava Has done it once again in his new jam for the ladies. Check out new music below Now get to know the Artist themselves as Mr. E and Mr. Flava meet at the Boardroom Table to discuss how business has been for the star and how life has changed for the better. Click below to hear the whole story.

Black Women in All their Uniqueness

Conversations with The Black Woman On B.O.S.S. Radio's Revolutionary Hour Podcast With Mr. E  With this latest nomination for Supreme Court Justice, Ketanji Brown Jackson, being given the opportunity of a lifetime, Black Women seem to be winning. But, according to the US census, BW are getting married more in their 30's compared to White Women who a large percentage are marrying by 25. So, we were lucky enough to catch up with three Black Women who know who they are. Women who are not second guessing themselves in life and know where they are headed with a determination that could conquer all.  All of us had a great time conversing about their viewpoints when it came to living their lives in this new era. In this conversation I learned one thing. Listening to the black woman come begin to move solutions.  We already see they have taken their careers more seriously since they have opportunities to do so And seeing how Women were the last ones to be given some type of Social Free