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Southside Bosses is dedicated to bringing you quality music entertainment from the underground. So it's only right to bring you the artists live and to your face. So, we have created SBC TV.

We plan on bringing you the best in Underground Interviews, Great programming such as Dab Time and much more so stay tuned.

SBC TV Shows

Checkout our many shows SBC TV has to offer...

SBC Hip Hop News

Whats going on behind the mic?

The Life of the Industry Keep up to date with the underground here with Underground Hip Hop News

Clap Back on Revolutionary Hour

Who Want the Smoke

A revolution in progress. Join us as we clap back on eveyone from killercops to racists to Donald Trump On Revolutionary Hour
Join the Revolution

Freestyles And Cyphers

Who got the juice? Then Run it

Are you the hottest spitter out 'chere? put up against these legends and see if you compare. Who has the juice, the hottest flow, the fire from the Belly. Checkout all the underground Artists worth listening to freestyling here on FREESTYLES & CYPHERS

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