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Monday, January 4, 2021

[Update] Ashanti V Keyshia Cole is Back On

 Ashanti Verzuz Keyshia Cole? Is it back on?

So, Ashanti is now Covid Free. Does this mean we can get our Verzuz back on. We desperately need to see the faceoff between two queens of singing. And I know Keyshia Cole has to be real anxious for this as well.

Looking through the comments of Ashanti's Instagram post announcing that she had been cleared of Covid-19, You can see the fans urge her to take care of herself, not for her own well-being, but for the sake of the Verzuz match. This shows you how anticipated this match had been deemed. 

So, Ashanti, for your family and fans, please stay healthy. And Keyshia don't you go getting sick on us now. Not even a damn cold young lady, with all due respect. 


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