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Hardio proves he is a Reggae Phenomenon

 Hardio for Peace and Love

Talking with this brother was a straight blessing and We can't wait for you to hear this conversation.

Talking about Music, reminiscing about friends, manifesting the future, there was no stone left unturned in this dialogue between two highly intelligent men.

Leon Smith (Hardio)
Leon Smith, better known to the world as HARDIO, is a dynamic, talented artist hailing from the heart of Kingston, Jamaica. His unique sound and tone were recognized by his friends at a young age, leading them to christen him with his memorable stage name.
Growing up in Kingston during the 90s, HARDIO was immersed in a vibrant musical scene, surrounded by talented artists like his neighbor, the legendary Spragga Benz. From an early age, he honed his skills, performing at every school fair and classroom gathering. Focused on creating great content with beautiful melodies, HARDIO quickly became a fixture in the local music scene.
Determined to succeed in his musical career, HARDIO was already establishing himself as an artist, setting up Pressure Dem Records Studio with his cousin, Dree. There, he honed his skills and became the main recording artist, primarily focused on Dancehall music.
In 2014, HARDIO suffered a devastating loss when his younger sister passed away. Driven by his grief, he refocused his energy on creating more positive and uplifting music. For HARDIO, it was essential to honor his sister's memory through his music and inspire others with his message.
With his gift for melody and writing his own lyrics, HARDIO is committed to inspiring people to work hard and achieve their dreams. His music is a celebration of life, and a reminder to be grateful for each day. Every day, he is grateful for the opportunity to pursue his passion and use his talents to make a difference in the world.
Currently, HARDIO is working on his first EP, produced by HolYard Productions, which is set to be released in March 2019. The EP features collaborations with talented musicians and draws from a wide range of musical influences. As an up-and-coming artist, HARDIO has voiced for various producers, including Iffacush, Addis Records, and Sky Voice Records, who manage him.


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