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Billyboy The Jamaican Cowboy: The first to ever do it.



BILLYBOY The Jamaican Cowboy 

The First Country Reggae Singer

BILLYBOY THE JAMAICAN COWBOY Joined MR. E for a phenomenal chat on B.O.S.S. Radio's REGGAE HOUR PODCAST on iTunes, iHeartRadio, Amazon, Google Podcast, Apple Podcast or Right above LOL.

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Billyboy the Jamaican Cowboy: Bridging Cultures with Music and Heart

Billyboy the Jamaican Cowboy isn't your average artist. This Kingston native is a true melting pot of influences, blending his Jamaican roots with a deep love for country music. But for Billyboy, it's not a performance – it's a way of life.

His journey is as unique as his sound. Billyboy served his country with distinction for over 18 years in the Jamaica Defence Force. But his passion extended beyond duty. He graduated as a Visual Art and Social Studies teacher, sharing his knowledge with students at White Marl Primary Junior High School for over six years.

Now in the United States, Billyboy continues to serve his community as an NYPD Auxiliary Police Officer, keeping the subways safe.

Born Oniel Soriva Morris, Billyboy's musical path was paved early. Country music filled his childhood home, with Kenny Rogers' "The Gambler" becoming a particular favorite. Yet, a strong reggae influence simmered beneath the surface, a testament to the legendary Bob Marley. Here's a fascinating twist: Billyboy's strict Christian upbringing meant reggae was off-limits, but country music played freely. This unusual mix would later define his signature sound.

Billyboy's story is more than music – it's about embracing diverse cultures and spreading joy through his genre-bending artistry. He's here to break boundaries and unite people with the power of music.

Billyboy started karaoke singing in his late teenage years after moving from the country to the    town and continued up to adults years. He was crowned "king of karaoke" after winning several karaoke competitions including at the Hilton Hotel ball room, 2002.  He decided to continue

his music career on a higher level and continued  push his way inspired by his own beliefs and dreams even when others did not have faith in what he was doing.   His own friends laughed  and said discouraging words while some have motivation but Billyboy had his own faith and    courage which enabled him to be going places with his unique sound of music:  Reggae Mixed With Country - the first artiste to take up such a genre as his primary choice of of music!

Over the years Billyboy The Jamaican Cowboy have worked with a number of music

producers such as Ed Robinson the genius where he gathered musical knowledge and used each project as something to develop on as to make better projects in the future. He is

presently working on the second EP with Dr David Sisko from Arena 1 records and also a new single from Hormony tree production. He also appeared in movies such as M.A.D.E in new

york, Knock yuh head and illegal Activities directed by Philip Warmington Papa lover, hungry man's film production. Billyboy The Jamaican Cowboy’s musical journey continues like a     world without end with the intention of changing the world in a good way as a majorpioneer of reggae mixed with country music genre. Music has no boundaries among mankind.

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